While everyone was playing Mario 64 for the second or third time, I was I playing the crap out of the Crash Bandicoot.  I loved the art style, crazy the and weird main character Crash and of course the strong but rewarding difficulty of the games. I’m in full nostalgia mode folks and all the details released about the upcoming remake of the game has me seeing collectible apples everywhere.

I always wondered if and when Crash Bandicoot would return, I have waited as patiently as possible and soon Naughty Dog will deliver. Boy will they deliver, it’s already more than I could have hoped for, I would have been happy with just one Crash Bandicoot being remastered. Now we are being blessed with all three of the old games and on top of that they are being put together on one disk for a sale price of only $39.99! I’m not trying to sell you anything I swear. I am simply in aw, especially in a day and age where re-releases are more frequent, but sometimes have little or nothing new to offer while demanding a full $59.99 price tag.

Crash is everywhere
Crash is Everywhere

Everything I have seen from the screenshots and the actual game play proves to me this is the game we want, the game we deserve. The visuals and audio being remastered is fantastic, keeping all the things that make Crash Bandicoots game play unique is even better. It looks great and from what I have watched it plays well too. On top of all that they added Crash’s sister Coo as a playable character in all three games! For those that don’t know she was only playable in some levels in the third game, this is just icing on an already crazy delicious Crash cake. Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy releases June 30th and make no mistake I have my pre-order ready, I will be Crashing on day one. My hopes are that this game sells well and maybe, possibly, inspires the next phase of brand new Crash Bandicoot games. I’m confident  it will live up to all the hype and I hope you all enjoy it! Crash on my friends

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