Many people would say playing video games is a waste of time. Plenty others would probably say playing video games at the age of 27 is an even larger waste of time, maybe a bit childish. I humbly disagree.
I can’t speak for everyone my age who still plays video games, but I will say there is one common factor I can’t ignore for men and women my age that still play, we grew up on it. Our generation started out with the super Nintendo or some form of sega system. This to me was the start of video games becoming more mainstream and graphically improving. By the time we were old enough to make plenty of our own choices, we had things like the Xbox, Gamecube, and PS2. Fast forward to today, video games are more accessible than ever, for the casual player and even easier for the ones that grew up gaming from when they were five years old.
What some may consider a waste of time, I consider an enjoyable stress reliever, hobby and passion. On top of that I hope to always retain some pieces of my childhood, life is too short and too cruel not to. Some people are very into shows or movies as their main form of entertainment. That’s all well good in fact there isn’t much difference between you and I. Some like to sit in an audience and watch things unfold, I prefer to interact, be a part of and sometimes even influence the story. Some stories and experiences I have in video games are better than most movies or shows in my opinion.

Ahhhhh Where It All Started


The biggest draw for me though is the bonds it can create. Sometimes this can be with a fictional character. If you have ever had your favorite TV show or novel character killed or accomplish a great feat then you can relate. A lot of times though, it is a way to keep up with some of my closest friends. When you are an adult you and your friends live completely separate lives. For myself and my friends most of us do that scattered throughout the U.S. Video games have been a great way to keep in contact. Yes there are other forms of communication, calling, texting, skyping, etc. However for us nothing evokes better conversation than interacting with each other online, while also speaking to each other through voice chat, it’s the closest way to bring us back to the days where we would enjoy activities together in person. The time we spend playing games together online results in thought provoking discussions, talks about our personal lives and most of all an all around hilarious good time. Surprisingly I have even had great experiences with my girlfriend who wouldn’t be considered a gamer, that being said, you just try to take Zelda Breath of the Wild from her when she starts playing. Or better yet, I have seen her, one of the calmest people I know, absolutely lose it and just start yelling and cursing when a series of events she deems unfair befall in her in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.
I don’t care if people binge watch shows or are absolutely fall in love with movies. That’s great, do what you enjoy! I do implore you though to maybe expand your horizons a bit. In the gaming world, that amazing story line or character you love so much can come to life more than ever, and sometimes you can even control how good or bad the ending can be. Better yet it can help maintain and even create special bonds.

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