Who is your favorite video game character?


It really surprised me when I sat down to write this, which character immediately jumped to my mind as my favorite video game character. Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn. How could a character that is so recent beat out every character I’ve played as in the many years of video games? Simple, she’s that good. Granted the character does have a few choices of dialogue for most conversations, but overall each choice is relatable, as is Aloy. That’s the biggest thing to me, she seems like a real person. The way she responds, especially in dialogue, be it by player choice or cutscenes, “Oh yeah I’ll do all the dangerous stuff while you are safely… somewhere.” Many characters over the years, even ones I’ve liked, usually are told to do something dangerous or crazy. Their response? They simply shrug their shoulders and go. Aloy questions everything, like a normal human being would. She is sarcastic and gives some serious attitude, which I very much relate to. Overall she is funny, real and a complete badass, it also doesn’t hurt that she is voiced by the wildly talented Ashly Burch. Horizon Zero Dawn is one of my favorite games of the year, but make no mistake that my favorite video game character Aloy is a huge reason for that.

Who’s your favorite video game character and why? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Lara Croft by far! I’ve been playing tomb raider since I was a kid and i love love love the new series of games. Can’t wait for the movie either…. everyone is giving it a hard time because its not angelina jolie… but the actor they chose pays great homage to the new games. Looks just like her!

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    • Ooooooooo that’s a good one Jordan! My cousin is right there with you, I am also a fan, especially the new games, I still need to play the 2nd one… 🙄. People are freaking out over Jolie? You sure? I have zero problem with Jolie but those movies weren’t great, she was pretty decent but I like the new take on the character, starting from the beginning. Anyways I’m with you, I’m excited, I hope they don’t mess up the movie!


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