A Game That is Underrated

Sonic Adventure Battle 2, one of the most underrated games I’ve ever played. SAB2 is one of my favorite games and in my opinion hands down the best Sonic game out there, which I know isn’t saying much as of late. That said, this is one of the most content heavy, replayable games of it’s time. That’s why it’s so baffling that it received a 6.9 from IGN and a 73% from metacritic. Admittedly there are elements of the game that could be…. Better. Such as the dialogue, it’s both cheesy and atrocious, seriously you might want to mute it when they talk. The rest of the game makes up for it, it has two story arcs, one side being the heroes and the other being dark. Both of these stories overlap but each have their own set of levels. Towards the last portion of the game the arcs are completely intertwined and you play as both alternating, playing on the same levels, I always thought this process was very well executed.

One of the biggest draws for me was the levels, each level can be played in five different ways. The first way everything is normal, just get through the stage, the second way is collect 100 rings. Both of these sound simple enough but at the end of the level the game gives you a grade, which is very addicting. The grade is determined by how long it took you to accomplish your task, how many rings were you able to collect and still have at the end, etc. High grades were challenging enough for the first two, the third part of a stage was to collect the Chao which was hidden within the level, fourth was accomplish the level in certain time limit and then the fifth dreaded challenge was complete level on hard mode. The last mode was the most fascinating, the game really shines as hard mode actually takes certain things out and puts other challenging elements in the level, essentially changing and manipulating the stage altogether.

I could talk about this game for hours, it is pure fun and doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. It even has a chao feature which are little cute creatures that change depending on how you take care of them and what you offer them. They have their own cute fighting arena where you get collectibles if you win, this part of the game alone will provide hours and hours of addicting fun. If you have never played this game I truly can’t recommend it enough, especially in today’s video game world where a good 3D sonic game is almost impossible to find.

What game do you consider to be vastly underrated? Let me know in the comments below I’d love to hear about it!


  1. SA2B underrated?! I never realised anyone out there thought it was anything but excellent. Definitely one of my favourite games growing up. I played that game to death and the Chaos, man I used to day-dream at school about getting home to look after my Chao which I named Chao until he died one day T_T.
    Let’s cut the dialogue some slack it was a game for kids 3+ was the rating which I always felt was too low considering that Rouge level where you have to find the three chaos emeralds in that robot warehouse level called ‘security hall’ in three minutes.
    RIP Chao the Chao. Thanks for opening some old wounds….

    Unrelated did you ever play Gatcha Force?!

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    • There definitely seems to be plenty that don’t consider it excellent, however it does have a very strong fan base and is a bit more expensive in terms of used retro games.

      I wasn’t ragging on it at all, just pointing out where it’s dated and what I know people probably wouldn’t like about it. That being said, weirdly I think the voices are perfect for each character, as in the voices for each just fit. I’m pretty sure they had some voice actors from one of the old animated shows. I think the game doesn’t get enough recognition, everyone talks about all the old 2D games being the best and those games are great but I stand by this game being the best Sonic game, also I love Shadow.

      That is the saddest story about a Chao that I’ve ever heard…. R.I.P. Chao the Chao.

      In response to the unrelated…. No I’ve never played Gatcha Force, what is that? Do tell.


      • Gatcha Force was the best Gamecube game shockingly low scores – A cliche anime story of robots coming to Earth from outer space and soliciting the help of some kids to help them battle evil robots from outer space that were going to destroy earth…. but there are so so so many robots to choose from! You have a number of points that increase as you level and you make a team of the robots spending your points (sort of like fantasy football) but then you battle as the robot fighting the enemy! When you die, the next robot you’ve put in the team comes out and you fight as them! Battling the evil robot team until one of you runs out of robots. The robots are tiny and the maps are huge, for instance it would be like a bedroom arena but it is an entire bedroom and you’re like 6 inches tall so the map is pretty big.
        Buying it is super expensive nowadays.

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