Your Guilty Pleasure Game

Guilty pleasures are a funny thing, usually they are something we really enjoy but often are not held in high regard by most. My guilty pleasure game isn’t necessarily one I love and I probably wouldn’t continue to play if it weren’t for the theme. The new Star Wars Battlefront 2. This game doesn’t even crack my top 100 games to be honest. That said I still enjoy playing it despite all the controversy, all the mistakes and the terribly long progression system. For a shooter it’s still fun while possessing fairly good mechanics, it’s no secret I am a Star Wars fanatic, so good job E.A. you got me, even if you don’t deserve me. The combat at its core is enjoyable, the biggest problem is the progression system as it takes ages to get a new gun or unlock things, except heroes they fixed that one at least. The environments in that the game brings you to are beautiful, the music is spot on, without a doubt the aesthetic helps immerse you in the Star Wars universe. I’ll admit though, I didn’t enjoy it at first, it took awhile to get “good” at it, or get used to everything that goes on. I’ve actually started on the smaller skirmish maps to help learn everything and now that I have, it is definitely a good time. That being said unless you really love Star Wars like I do, or find the game super cheap in the future, then I would wait out the future updates and DLC or simply disregard this one altogether.


What is your guilty pleasure game? I would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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