I’m just going to go ahead and admit something to you all, I’m not a big Mario game person. I’ll admit I love Super Mario World, in fact that’s my peak love for the series, I also really enjoyed Mario 64, but didn’t have a passion for it like everyone else. In fact I rarely returned to the game once I put it down. I dabbled in Super Mario Sunshine, didn’t get too far before I sold it at a younger age. Then there is Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2. I never even tried this series, which is crazy seeing as how they both received 10/10 reviews from multiple sites. Super Mario World is honestly the only one in the series that has held up for me, I love that game even now, so when I first saw the Super Mario Odyssey trailer, I didn’t think much of it, in fact I thought it looked very odd and might be the first major Mario title to do a bit of a flop, boy was I wrong.


I held a lack of enthusiasm for the upcoming game and series as a whole, but the more I saw gameplay and trailers, the more I started to realize I might buy it on release day, after all when you have a Nintendo Switch it seems like an obvious purchase. I’m glad I came around, Mario Odyssey deserves all the praise it’s getting. What I’m surprised by is how similar the mechanics are to Mario 64 and how a lot of the beautiful art style reminds me of Super Mario Sunshine, which is not a bad thing at all, despite not playing through all of that title, I have to admit it was a beautiful and charming game. The amount of little detail in Odyssey is impressive, cueing music at the perfect times, Marios expressions, the switches from 3D gameplay to 2D in a 3D world, that feature was a brilliant addition to this game and deserves much appraise. My favorite part so far, towards the end of New Donk City, the music, that run at the end of the level, the song, that was the moment that the world of Odyssey set in. Everyone who worked at this game should receive an award for that piece of gaming alone. Of course the fun doesn’t stop there, in fact that’s exactly what this game is, fun. Everything about it is a joy and delight, the little details and features such as photo mode are just a cherry on top of an already delightful game.


It just goes to show you should never count a Mario game out. The Nintendo team is truly amazing, their hard work and creativity are truly on display here. This really is the most fun I’ve had with a Mario game since the Super Nintendo. It’s the type of game that will not only age well, but will stand the test of time. Just when you think Nintendo can’t make the gameplay of Mario feel fresh or different than its predecessors they go and prove you completely wrong. I’m glad that I’ve been able to eat my words with this one, if you have a Switch but not this title, then you need to rectify that immediately. If you don’t have a Switch, then I strongly suggest you getting both, this title alone is worth its weight in gameplay, 999 power moons, will more than fill up your time and leave you smiling throughout your journey.

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