Who is Your Favorite Video Game Couple?

I’ll be honest, I actually had an article that was close to completion, until I realized something, I didn’t fully believe what I was writing. I was going to say Zelda and Link are my favorite couple, don’t get me wrong I like them a lot, but sometimes they aren’t even a couple. I also love Zelda games and although their relationship is overly positive it still isn’t quite compelling is it? My real answer is, I don’t have a favorite video game couple. I think back to all of my favorite games and the fact is, no one couple jumps out at me. I realize that the quality of game couples is very low in video games, the more I think about it, the more I realize this is an untapped market within writing and possibly design. How many games have two lead characters that are in a relationship right off the bat? Or how many have two different characters with two paths that you play separately and eventually come together for the rest of the game? I am aware there are some game couples that are entertaining, but I don’t feel that any are great, also the fact that something as relatable as a relationship, has barely been tapped into from a design perspective is eye opening. Now that I realize I don’t have a favorite game couple, I want one, an amazing one. I want a couple that is believable, one that spotlights the trials and tribulations of a relationship while also delivering an amazing game, this sucks because given the history of gaming, I might have to wait awhile.


What do you think about my take on game couples? Am I right? Am I wrong? Who’s your favorite video game couple? Let me know in the comments below!

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