Best Soundtrack

When I read this prompt, I knew the answer immediately. I typed in the url to YouTube, entered the correct search and let the familiar whimsical sounds transport me back in time. I wish I could put into words how uplifting, soothing and beautiful the Zelda Ocarina of Time soundtrack can truly be, it takes me back to a simple, yet profound time in my life as a child. Ocarina of Time was the first video game that told a story I cared about while also combining it with exciting, robust gameplay. All that aside, the soundtrack then and to this day takes me to another place, a magical one.


As I listen to the music of old, I find myself swaying, smiling and simply having a range of emotions and memories flood over me. I listen to every sound and song on the soundtrack, I find it difficult to find a weak link (no pun intended). The first song is the games menu, instantly it is a memorable tune that I would recognize anywhere. That goes double for every ocarina song that is played, even the market tunes, Hyrule field and boss battles spark an instant sense of familiarity, combined with warm feelings. Few video game soundtracks can be danced to without thinking about it, especially years after their release. I urge you to take a step back and listen to the music from this wonderful gameplay, simply have it play in the background while you do just about anything, if you ever enjoyed this game then your heart will thank you.  


I’m truly thankful for this prompt, I know it might sound silly to some, but I had forgotten how much of an impact this soundtrack had on me, I’ll admit part of it is nostalgia, I see nothing wrong with that, but majority of it is simply because the music of Ocarina of Time is some of the best ever made in a video game.


Do you love my choice for the best soundtrack? Maybe you hate it (I doubt it) what video game soundtrack is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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