Saddest Game Scene

Rare are the days where video games provide not only memorable but impactful deaths weaved within the compelling stories they tell. Rarer still are the ones that do well to make you care about a character, have them fight alongside you, get to know them, only to take them away halfway through a game, thus creating a feeling of sadness that was originally thought to be unattainable from pixels. Anyone that has played Final Fantasy VII knows the Aeris death scene is one of the most impactful, hurtful scenes found in video games.

While the main character Cloud starts out a bit abrasive, Aeris couldn’t be further from. She exudes love, happiness and overall positivity, something most of strive for but never attain. She’s arguably the purest of the characters in Final Fantasy VII, this makes her death a difficult pill to swallow, not to mention all the inevitable time lost leveling her character up. This death scene set a strong standard for me going forward, few games take such a risk nowadays and even fewer are able to produce emotions like that of Aeris death.

I took that scene quite hard at a younger age, so much so that I reviled in Sephiroth’s inevitable defeat and death at the end of the game, I saw it as pure justice combined with a feeling of a well-deserved demise (I promise I’m not a crazy murderer in real life). I am fully aware that there are plenty of games where killing off characters in a game is used as a mechanic. However there are a few that use it on main characters and even fewer that do so hours into the game, usually, it’s at the beginning, when there is little attachment or at the end, to give a sense of closure.  There hasn’t been a sadder scene than watching as Cloud lays Aeris lifeless body into the water and setting her to rest. No other scene in gaming has created a more impactful and lasting ripple effect while also invoking a wide range of emotions. R.I.P Aeris (I hate you Sephiroth).

What was your saddest scene in a video game? Let me know in the comments below!

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