Celeste Review

This is a podcast episode I just had to share. The review of indie game Celeste is a must hear for anyone who loves video games. I suggest listening to the entire show. However, listening just for the Celeste reviews is completely worth it and the time stamp is listed in the show notes.

Third Player Games Podcast

Welcome, everybody! Third Player Games Podcast has quite the show for you this week! First, we talk about what we’ve been playing, Jeffers has finally finished Wolfenstein 2! Meanwhile, Amy got obsessed with a certain 48 hour trial of a game. In our news section, we find out that Cross-Play Parties are coming to Rocket League! Rust has a head-scratching price increase coming soon and a huge XBox Game Pass announcement, yeah that one!The Third Player Games group plays another round of What’s That Video Game! And Amy might have come up with the toughest three video games yet.


Stick around for the end of the show though! We have our rotating segment this week! First up we will give you a preview of our most anticipated games for the month of February! Don’t like our choices? No problem! Just check out our link below to all the games announced for next month, we are sure you’ll find some you love. Last but certainly not least, we have an official spoiler free indie game review of the hot new title, Celeste. Josh and Amy talk about it in an informative and thrilling fashion, this is one segment you won’t want to miss!


As always thank you for listening to the podcast! Please don’t forget to hit that subscribe button. Also please send us feedback by using any of the contact methods at the bottom of the show notes, we would love to hear from you. Have a great day everyone!


Section 1 – What We’ve Been Playing


00:07 – Start Of The Show


00:49 – Our Weekends


3:06 – What We’ve Been Playing


3:09 – Josh Has Been Playing


04:26 – Amy Has Been Playing


06:11 – Jeffers Has Been Playing


Section 2 – News


11:20 – News


11:36 –  Amy’s News


11:41 – Rocket League Cross Play Parties


14:38 – Josh’s News


14:43 – Rust Goes Up In Price


17:14 – Steam Lunar New Year Sale Announcement


17:59 – Study Regarding Video Games & Violence


21:48 – Jeffers’ News


22:09 – XBox Game Pass


Section 3 – What’s That Video Game


29:45 – What’s That Video Game (Amy Edition)


Section 4 – Rotating Segment & Spoiler Free Review Of Celeste


35: 26 – Rotating Segment – Preview Of February Games


44:15 – Josh & Amy’s Spoiler Free Review of Indie Game, Celeste


58:02 – Wrap Up


New Games for February (Forbes list) https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2018/01/23/here-are-all-the-video-games-releasing-in-february-2018/


Jeffers Links:

XBox Game Passhttps://news.xbox.com/en-us/2018/01/23/xbox-game-pass-expands/


Josh Links:

Rust “Leaving” Early Access https://rust.facepunch.com/blog/leaving-early-access/


Steam Lunar New Year Salehttps://twitter.com/SteamDB/status/955721915267735552


Study on Violent Behavior From Violent Video Gameshttps://www.york.ac.uk/news-and-events/news/2018/research/no-evidence-to-link-violence-and-video-games/


Celeste Steam Linkhttp://store.steampowered.com/app/504230/Celeste/


Amy Links:

Sims 4 Free Trial –



Rocket League Cross Platform Support – https://twitter.com/RL_Support/status/955061083181584384?ref_src=twcamp%5Ecopy%7Ctwsrc%5Eandroid%7Ctwgr%5Ecopy%7Ctwcon%5E7090%7Ctwterm%5E3


Fe Game Play Preview (eeeeeek!!!) –



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