This is an article I was lucky enough to publish on intothespine where I am a freelance writer, great website great group. I hope you enjoy the article and even more, the site!

Into The Spine

For some games, their goals and intentions are obvious from the get-go. Some want to show off their graphics, others their gameplay. City of Brass, on the other hand, seems to want to put the uniqueness of its difficulty on display. Unfortunately, this is the main attraction of the game, which never seems to quite stick the landing. I myself am a lover of challenging games, the Soulsbourne series, Cuphead, CrashBandicoot and many other franchises, so I’m not strange to games that punish you for your mistakes. The problem here is that all the previous games mentioned are tough but almost always feel fair/rewarding. While City of Brass rarely feels fair, rewarding or even fun.

The setting puts you in a world that looks like it was ripped straight out of the Disney’s Aladdin (if the movie was more into skeletons and a lot of evil genies). From…

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